The impossible often has a kind of integrity to it which the merely improbable lacks.
-- Douglas Adams

gallery of the past

Here you will find chronicled some of the things that once made electric-monk.net--or slashmistress.net, as it was previously called--amusing and relevant. At least, we like to think so.

Revenge of the "Fun" Page - Found on the Web

Back in the day of sm.net, we used to have a feature on the "Fun" page called "Found on the Web." It was a page that basically chronicled whatever amusing yaoi/slash hijinks I came across on the web. While I'm not quite the fangirl I once was, I still catch myself laughing at some of these. Here's hoping they have more universal appeal.

Seme/Uke Personality Selector meets ChristianCafe.com - "GWCM seeks same, for cuddling, scripture reading, and eternal damnation. No smokers!"

Lego porn meets SmarterKids.com - Let's ignore, for the moment, the fact that I was Googleing for Lego porn. Isn't this what parents all over the world worry about? That their kids will go to Google, search for porn, and find something wholesome? ::shudders:: What is the world coming to?

Revenge of the "Fun" Page - Evil Pictures

Herbal goodness


No Teeth!

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