The impossible often has a kind of integrity to it which the merely improbable lacks.
-- Douglas Adams

about electric-monk.net

So, what is electric-monk.net?
electric-monk.net is a small, privately-owned collection of sites, hosted by Dreamhost and administered by the husband/wife pair of Matt (your friendly sysadmin) and Lise (your sometimes grumpy webmistress). We run a few fansites, offer website hosting and email services for people we like, make costumes, and fight crime--sometimes all at once.

What's on electric-monk.net?
All of the action happens on the subsites, which are accessible from the main page. You will find a number of fansites hosted on e-m.net, because we are all fans at heart. In the days of yore, there was content on the main site itself (some of the more amusing content still is available here), but now it mostly serves as an index and placeholder.

Did this used to be slashmistress.net?
It did. And due to a snafu that would take me far too long to relate--coupled with a desire for a domain name change--it is no longer. Please reset your bookmarks accordingly.

What does the name mean?
It's a reference to the Douglas Adams book Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.

Will you host me?

Who are the mad geniuses behind e-m.net?
Me, otherwise known as Lise. And my monkey clones, of course. Turn ons: computers, anime, costuming, geek love. Turn offs: fangirls, Searle, cucumbers.
Also, my husband, Matt. Mmmmm, he's a lovely crossdresser. He's also taught me everything I know about computers.
We host bunches of people. Again, the entrance page will tell you more about them.

Please contact Lise (elfracal AT electric DASH monk DOT net) if you have any further questions about electric-monk.net.

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