League of Extraordinary Hogwarts Students (LXHS) is a theatre-style LARP for 25 players (13 male, 10 female, 2 neutral) set in a Victorian-era version of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter universe. It was written by Matthew LeVan and Elisabeth "Lise" Fracalossi (a husband-and-wife team), and premiered at Intercon I on Saturday, March 7th, 2009.

Characters are drawn either from Victorian literature and history (one will recognize Auguste Dupin, James Moriarty, and Ada Lovelace, among others) or prominent Harry Potter bloodlines (Black and Weasley, for example). The setting is a ball in Hogwarts' Great Hall, in an 1864 which is slightly different from our own.

The title concept for this LARP was of course inspired by Alan Moore's superb comic series, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but the idea itself had its genesis in our college years, when I (Lise) first watched the Chris Columbus film Young Sherlock Holmes. This was recently after the release of the first Harry Potter movie, of which Chris Columbus also is the director. We were struck, watching those two films back-to-back, by the similarity of the design aesthetic (especially considering they were made nearly 20 years apart).

Originally we thought "wouldn't it be great to write fanfic where Holmes and Watson are students at Hogwarts?" but as we became familiar with LARPing post-college, it occurred to us that this concept could be expanded and made fun for a whole lot more people. We finally got off our bums and wrote it in March 2008-2009, bidding it for Intercon I so we had a goal to work towards. It was our first time writing a LARP.

Please contact Lise (lisefrac AT gmail DOT com) if you are interested in running or playing in LXHS.

LXHS is a fan work made purely for entertainment purposes; no profit will be made, and no infringement is intended.