8-6-07 - It has been a very long indeed time since I last updated, and I regret to inform you that most of these updates are cosmetic:

5-24-04 - Whew. Crocodile and All-Sunday costumes are FINISHED, and Anime North 2004 has been attended. And we won an award! ("Best Hook"). A full report on the construction of these costumes, and a full Anime North con report will be forthcoming.

We here at Silicon & Thread Costuming plan to take it slow for a time. As some of you may know, Matt and I will be married in October, and the task of making our wedding clothes (to be based on One Piece art, of course) still remains before us. We would also like to take some time to clean up some of older or unfinished costumes, i.e., all the tasks we keep meaning to do, like remake Zoro's haramaki, put the fringe on Alvida's shawl, make Alabaster Nami's cloak, make the white version of the All-Sunday costume, etc. We're thinking that after the hubbub of the wedding is over, in 2005, then we'll move on to some new costumes.

3-26-04 - Finished a first draft of the Alabaster One Piece costumes page (including fixing a problem with the Nami image not displaying). Made some updates to the Luffy &Zoro costumes page. Put up in-progress photos of the All-Sunday costume on the costume main page. And stuff, and junk. Still so much to be done....

3-23-04 - Becoming v1.0 is premiered. Still some construction underway:

1-26-04 - Finally I've had the time, ambition, and resources to start working on a new design to go with all the new content.