The impossible often has a kind of integrity to it which the merely improbable lacks.
-- Douglas Adams

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About Lise

Hi, I'm Lise! I am a freelance web developer, content creator, and sometimes-designer living in the Central Massachusetts area.

I have been working with webpages for over thirteen years, when I picked up Visual Quickstart Guide: HTML for the World Wide Web and created a simple personal website. Over the years my work became more and more complex; in college I added CSS and PHP to my list of skills. I also took up blogging at this time--before blogging was even a word! Eventually I was designing websites for friends and family, small businesses, and clubs I belonged to.

In 2007 I began work on my master's in computer science, attempting to bring my interests in web and software development into a career. I've been able to brush up on some skills I dabbled in in college (Java, C) and learn one major new one (SQL).

After working in academic and market research for five years, I transitioned into a career as a freelance web consultant in June 2009. For several months afterward, I worked as a web programmer for a marketing company, an experience which has been invaluable to me. In the process I've learned much about the design and development process in the corporate world, as well as the special needs of web programming for email blasts and social networking sites (notably, Facebook). Most recently, I've begun work as a contract web/CMS developer for an internet marketing firm, where I've done exciting things like become a Drupal expert in the span of three days.

So, yeah, I wear many hats! While I've done the graphic design of most my pages, I don't consider it my strongest ability. I work best as a collaborator - taking a graphic image and turning it into a fully-functional, standards-compliant, usability-enhanced Web site.