The impossible often has a kind of integrity to it which the merely improbable lacks.
-- Douglas Adams

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This portion of the site is still under development. -EMF

Eternal Pose

Eternal Pose Involvement: Design, development, and content creation.
Date: Circa 2003
Description: The anime/manga series One Piece is the basis for this web site. My goal was to create a definitive image archive for the series, since at the time the series was unreleased in the U.S. and high-quality images were hard to come by. An "eternal pose" is a special kind of compass in the series; and the design is based around the image of one. I'm quite proud of my work on this site, including a PHP script I wrote to query a subset of images; alas, it never became fully operational.
Technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP (to retrieve and display all images in a directory when a specific episode was queried)